We Had an Idea!

Kim and Chad wanted to start a business from scratch to make some extra money on the side, so why not sell Chad’s delicious homemade fudge from his grandmother’s recipe?

So let the Fudge ventures begin...

With so much support and positive feedback, we kept going and going! Before we knew it, 33 flavors were born and loved! Needless to say, our Key Lime flavor is one of a kind….


Our passion for growing our business turned into a fundraising program to assist Christian ministries, youth groups, non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, and people in need from Key West and all across the world.

Our fudge serves a purpose

As our fudge adventures in Sweetest Knights grow, so do the blessings of funds to so many groups and people in need.  Starting in 2014, a portion from all of our fudge sales are donated to various groups who are in need of funding to grow their organizations that help other people, protect our environment, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ world wide. Our customers can choose who they would like to support from a list of our partners on a drop down menu upon their purchase. The blessing is truly ours to have the opportunity to sow seeds into such great soil. Matthew 13:3-23

In 2009, Kim and Chad Knight put their ideas and entrepreneurial spirits to work with the origination of a small, family-owned, homemade fudge business. Shortly after, Sweetest Knights L.L.C. was formed, and they began to participate in various festivals, donations, charities, and fundraising, while promoting retail and wholesale transactions. Kim and Chad enjoyed the outcome of their small business as it progressed, but wanted to expand their ventures to combine an additional company to help with the growth of Sweetest Knights.

In 2011, Sweetest Knights, L.L.C purchased Key West Balloons & Gift Baskets, and the two businesses joined together. Key West Balloons & Gift Baskets provides a variety of gift baskets, welcome bags, balloon arrangements, and decor, along with the endless flavors of delicious Sweetest Knights homemade fudge.

In 2014, a new design and expansion for Sweetest Knights fundraising was born. Online ordering became available, and also allowed our partners to have a viral fundraising platform, in addition to our order sheets and pre-order package programs. We donate 30% of our online fudge sales back to our partners, 40% with our order sheet package, and 50% of fudge sales from pre-ordered packages that are purchased up front.

In 2017, Sweetest Knights and Key West Balloons & Gift Baskets found a new home and perfect spot for the expansion of a local storefront with a large commercial kitchen for fudge preparation, and fitting for the addition of a lunch and dinner menu for locals. The gift shop includes a variety of Key West local items that make the perfect gift for any occasion, great shipping and delivery options, and the delicious homemade ice cream from local vendors.

Our mission is to provide consistency among our unique product line and customizable to satisfy our customer’s wants and needs. Our entire staff are firm believers of honesty, integrity, and social responsibility. Our company was founded by Christians, who wish to honor and serve God in life as well as in business. We believe in treating all people with kindness and respect, as we are all equal, regardless of our differences in ethnicities, gender, and beliefs. Our company’s goals are to expand our mission locally as well as nationally, one step at a time.

If you would like to become one of our partners and benefit from our fudge sales, please contact us.

  • Fudge Made for Fundraising 80%
  • Customer Happiness 100%