Sweetest Knights fundraising program is an excellent way to create the funds needed for your organization while having fun and keeping it simple. We have a variety of non-profit organizations, charitable causes, schools, sports teams, and Christian ministries that we work with each year to raise thousands of dollars in a few short weeks with our homemade fudge. The holidays are excellent seasons for fundraising with our program, and we also work with organizations any time of the year for their convenience.  We have a variety of fundraising options listed below that you may choose from.

Our packages are available in a 1lb variety box (4 flavors) that retails for $20, 1/2 lb variety boxes (3 flavors) that retails for $10, and also single flavor 1/4 lb packages that retail for $5. 
30-50% profits can be earned with our options below. 
Program options:
Pre-order package – earn 50% profit by purchasing the packages up front at a wholesale cost
– $2.50 each for 1/4 lb size
– $10 each for 1lb size
Order Sheets – earn 40% profit with no investment up front
– we will agree on specified dates from start to finish for taking orders, submitting orders, and product delivery prior to beginning the fundraiser.  We will provide order sheets for students and members of the organization to collect fudge orders, and payment from the customers must be paid up front when placing the order. A final count for all orders will be submitted to us on the date specified, along with a payment of 60% of the sales collected. You will keep the remaining 40% of the total sales. We will prepare the orders and deliver and/or ship them to a single location.
Online campaign via facebook & email – earn 30% profit margin with NO money up front, and the products are shipped directly to the customer from our team at Sweetest Knights
– we will add your organization to our dropdown menu on our website, allowing your total fundraiser to be completed online
– your organization will create a facebook event and/or email blast to generate sales; texting is also an option as our website is mobile friendly!
– we pay you 30% of total sales within 30 days of completion of the fundraiser
Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have questions or would like to take advantage of the opportunity, and we will gladly assist you with the option that works best for you. Be sure to ask for a free sample package! We look forward to working with you!